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“Once You Can Cast Greater Teleport, There’s No Reason Not To Live On The Moon”

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Assuming that your Moon Mage character is indeed the first and only architect on the moon, what race would you pick? Warforged and undead have the useful immunities, but warforged are a little setting-specific and have drawbacks as arcane spellcasters; undead are often unsuitable for PC use. Elves have that long-lived, celestial observer thing going for them. Elan are truly immortal, but are psionic.
Elan and elves both still need to breathe, mind, which is a definate negative relative to undead/warforged.

That said, a warforged needs to roll at least a 16 for his stats to get access to 7th level spells at the right character level, equipment notwithstanding.
Undead wise, what are the pre-requisites for Lich-dom again?

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Human, because I’m sure that extra feat will be just as useful on the Moon as anywhere else.
Kobold, myself.
The racial bonus to building underground cities would come in very handy, plus being small means you’d need to worry about smaller volumes of air. If you’re using magic to create it (rather than Gateing it in from the Elemental Plane), halving the height of your tunnels means the magic goes further.

Kobolds are naturaly inclined to find, build, and trap safe places to hide. If anything, the Kobold moon-mage is the ultimate kobold-kind explorer, with a far better life expectancy than the Underdark kobold. I don’t think they have int penalties, at any rate.

Also it leads so easily to “They always looked down on me, but now, I look down on everyone… and plan.”
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Moon Mage

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